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iTeach, Inc. is a teachers supply store aimed at fulfilling a large need in Greenville, North Carolina and the surrounding area. We provide products and services for all ranges of education from grade school to home school and preschool to bible school.

Based in Greenville, North Carolina, iTeach wants to become the primary resource for grade school teachers, daycare workers, preschool teachers and home school groups. We aim to reach a large population of student teachers at East Carolina University as well as nearby Pitt Community College.

The Pitt County area is in great need of products and materials for ensuring this happens. iTeach is the only specialized teachers supply store within the Pitt County area.

iTeach was established by the owner, Jennifer Corley. Mrs. Corley has several years of previous teaching experience at the elementary, middle school and preschool grade levels. This experience combined with her desire to continue to enhance children’s learning drove her to start what is now iTeach.

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